Energy Healing- A Science? / by Ruba Homaidi


The word “Energy” in the context of health and healing did not usually correlate with Science. The ancient healing frameworks of Meridians and Chakras (Chinese and Indian medicine and energy frameworks) are mainstream in the Eastern Traditions, but are still referred to shyly by Western Medical practitioners. Hopefully not for long.

My story with Energy Healing

Thirty five years ago, my father, a dentist, experimented with Acupuncture, Acupressure and Laser therapy. I watched and bravely let him prick me with the thin needles and proudly posed for the pictures. I was fascinated. Fast forward to today, I look up his published research on using Cold Laser to accelerate healing in dental procedures (it showed huge efficacy in controlling bleeding in a sample of 400 people aged 6-60) and I am proud he was one of the first few who wanted to demonstrate the usefulness of those holistic therapies using Scientific measures. (Reducing Extraction Trauma with Laser, Middle East Health Magazine, Sep 1992).

Do we need Evidence?

I didn’t always care about evidence. The efficacy of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is one of the most researched and used Energy Psychology Modalities (in addition to TFT, Ask and Receive, Muscle Testing, Hands on Healing and the like), was clear from the first few demonstration videos I watched for Gary Craig.

I studied the delivery method and brought it into my practice with great results even without the science. I am still all for trusting our educated intuition and experimenting with new techniques but having people work on proving the efficacy of these modalities Scientifically is currently allowing this form of health care to properly take its deserving place in the helping Profession.

Who is doing the research and where can I find it?

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) is handling the collection and collaboration of efforts and Institutional recognition. The documents gathered are not shady science, but proper research based Science that meets rigorous standards.

Check out the Categorised Research on ACEP website, this is a result of Over 100 research studies, review articles and meta-analyses that have been published in professional, peer-reviewed journals in the last 20 years.

I have currently joined a course that provides access to the work of the Scientists behind these exciting developments in the field and will be updating my readers here on the more interesting parts of the course as I go through it.