Can we TOUCH intuition? / by Ruba Homaidi


Outside the physical spectrum, lies the (un)conscious spectrum. Our physical eyes and physical instruments simply are not equipped to see into this spectrum.” says Casey Adams, Ph.D in her book The Conscious Anatomy.

I would disagree with one word though. We are definitely equipped but not all of us have taken the time to hone our natural ability to see, hear or touch what lies beyond our physical sense perception (as we know it).

Touching intuition

People who work with me, see me moving my hands while asking them questions to help them navigate a certain health or other type of life challenge they are experiencing. However unusual this may sound, this is a variation of a skill that is taught and used by counsellors, coaches, energy healers, and even researchers and professors like Dr. David Hawkins who devised a Map of Consciousness (a reproducible scale of emotions) using what we call Muscle Testing.

What is Muscle Testing?

This is a borrowed technique from the field of applied Kinesiology and is practically a way to use the human muscle response, the same way you would use a lie detector. Where an isolated muscle of a healthy person is expected to weaken in response to a false statement or negative stimulant, which have been confirmed by Dr. Dan Monti’s research using a computerised dynamo-meter in 1999.*


However when using Self Muscle Testing in this context, we intend with this True/False response, to access the inherent information in the body, that the conscious part of the mind is not aware of. All the emotions, memories, allergies, traumas and inherited issues saved in our cells, that relate to the currently presenting health/life challenge we are trying to solve.

This in my opinion is applied intuition at it’s best, and the fact that it’s something you can teach makes it even more interesting.

You too can do this

The majority of the people who teach Self Muscle Testing, use two hands or two muscles of the same hand, to test for changing resistance, a simple search on self muscle testing will show you the different methods available online.

Because I come from an energy healing background, I developed my technique using subtle energy** as my resistance. The rational for me is that, I will either be stronger than the energy when I say something that is true or congruent, or I won’t be able to resist the energy if the statement is false or incongruent.

If you choose to learn my technique start with the following exercises:

  1. Sensitise your hands to the energy:

Start by breathing deeply while moving the palms of your hands slowly towards each other, the slower and more intentional the movements (literally think micro-movements), the more you will notice the building resistance between your palms. If you have never done this before, this may take a bit of practice, try it a few times and be patient.

2. Now start muscle testing:

Once you can feel this ball like energy, say a factual true statement like “My name is ….” and notice the quality of the resistance. Next use a false statement like “My name is (someone else)” and check the quality of resistance again. It should give you two completely different experiences. The false statement forces the palms away from each other. But most people are not yet sensitive to do it this way so, move on to step three.

3. Pretzel your hands:

Now that you know the energy is there and can feel it, put the index and middle fingers on top of one another (depending on the person one will find one finger goes easily on top of the other), and bring the remaining fingers together like its show in the photo below. Now push your upper finger down on the finger below. Next try saying Yes as you push your finger. Then try saying No as you push at your index or middle finger (the finger that is below). Do you notice a difference in the finger response between saying yes and no?


Next try the above with the following words, to further understand how this works:

Say Yes/no

Say love/ Fear

Say I live in …/ I live in (somewhere else)

Think of someone you love/ Someone you don’t like to see

Applications of self muscle testing

Once you get the hang of this technique, it will open infinite doors to learn more about your health and unconscious thoughts. You can use this to discover your allergies or understand your feelings by naming your emotions.

More advanced programs that are aimed at Emotional Health and Physical wellness, have been built on this simple technique. I use Sandi Radomski’s Allergy Antidotes (and the Allergy Detective), and David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, and have recently also explored Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code self study program.

I am planning a short muscle testing course in Amman-Jordan this November 2018, if anyone is interested in learning more about this technique, let me know as soon as possible so you can join the group.


*Research by Dr. Daniel Monti (Muscle test comparisons of congruent and incongruent self referential statements 1999). Muscle testing with a computerised dynamo-meter was performed on the deltoid muscle of 89 healthy college students after repeating true/false self-referential statements (the like of my name is…, I live in…), and showed that 17% more total force over a longer period of time, is endured when the subject uses a true statement (truth literally makes us stronger).

**The connection between electricity and the body was established in 1937, when Dr. Burr Ph.D. and Professor of Anatomy at Yale University began his research on what he called the living organisms bio-magnetic field.