Are you interested in learning practical intuition? / by Ruba Homaidi


First an update!

The last few months have been full of excitement on many levels professionally, putting the final touches on the Allergy Detective App, preparing for the training program on using it to find the root causes of Allergies (with my teacher/mentor and now partner in this project, the beautiful Sandi Radomski) and finally joining her last month at the ACEP conference to demonstrate it’s application and use!

©The Allergy Detective App

Sandi and I are now preparing for our “Debut” Webinar for our program this July 2019 (if you are interested in joining us there and learning all about this program, please sign-up on so you can receive updates regarding the exact date and times).

The Allergy Detective App is a 200 page tool with which I organized Sandi’s life work on Allergies into an easily navigable system of mind-maps, that helps get to the root of common and uncommon allergies (and proposes simple energy psychology techniques for clearing them). It is aimed at both individuals who are looking for a simple self-help tool for exploring their own allergies, and certified therapists in other energy psychology techniques who would like to add it to their arsenal of tools.

Preview: join me to learn practical intuition

The key to use the Allergy Detective App is confident self muscle testing, which I personally believe we are all capable of learning. There are many versions of this technique out there, and therefore Sandi and I will both be teaching our own version/s as part of this program.

However, I would like to extend an invitation for a pre-course on self muscle testing and it’s uses (Practical Intuition: A short course on Self-Muscle-Testing and how to use it to improve your mood, health and happiness).

This is an online workshop, and I will be accepting a small group in mid June. If you are interested please send an email to and I will get back to you on the details.

Looking forward to hearing from you!