Body Image & Boundaries / by Ruba Homaidi

We reject our bodies because we don’t believe we meet social standards for beauty, and we feel bad for not looking pretty enough. But how safe would we actually feel looking any different?

According to Anodea Judith in her book Eastern Body Western Mind, “when our personal boundaries have been violated as children and have not been reinstated in adulthood, we might find safety in making our bodies bigger in defense.”

Boundaries are what define all of who we are. They represent our birthrights, which include the right to feel safe in our own body (safe from being hurt physically or sexually), but it is not limited to that.

Our natural rights include our right to feel; to make choices; to love and be loved; to hear the truth; say our truth and see beauty. It also includes the right to our own spiritual beliefs, and choosing and seeking our own path towards God.

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