From Will power to Personal Power by Ruba Homaidi

While my husband was finishing up the hotel check-in procedures, I was checking-“out” the free cards section by the reception. I cringe somewhat as I take a closer look at one with a trainer screaming “you CAN’T stop” through a huge microphone, one you may use on a football field, in the ear of a sweat-drenched man on a treadmill. I bet both went for a double chocolate brownie right after this session to make up for the drain!(the willpower-drain that is!).

As a motivation and emotional eating expert, I often hear some version of “I have to push myself more”, “if only I had more willpower”, “when I start a diet, I am so excited at first before I totally lose interest, I need someone to keep me focused”, not only from people who come to see me for help but from friends and people I meet everyday.

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